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We are connecting emotions, first of all, goes back to the roots of the African tradition of fraternity, solidarity and sharing within the communities. Our idea builds upon the deep rooted African social concept that money has neither social nor human value. Thus, the most relevant in the social structure are the actions: It’s the thought that counts!

Shopping Center online is a platform where you have access to several commercial, health and educational enterprises of goods and services: Supermarkets, Clinics, and many more to come. enables you to make the gesture that counts directly to your loved ones in Cameroon.

Win-Win Relation

By doing so, you effectively organise and target your expenses. Moreover, you support the local economy and the Cameroonian know-how. Thus, together with we improve the use of financial resources of the Diaspora by providing more focused solutions and we are improving the quality of life (food, education and health) of our loved ones: the Condition ultima ratio for a sustainable development.
OUR GARANTEE: local Price, Payment 3D-Secure, Delivery in 48 hours.

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We believe that


It is better to offer products and services to transfer money that will pass from hand to hand and create all sorts of family and social problems.


It is possible to share useful and provide really what we want to whom you want when you want.


It is possible to provide great joy to his family with few resources. Sharing and Offering is always the abundance in return.

4 offers more value than that of money transfer and is The cheapest, fast and secure Solution.


Sharing means offering. That offering a little or a lot is depending on each of course. That the great of one is sometimes nothing for the other. That the little one, taken by itself, is still a treasure for another.